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How Human Capital and Human Resources are different.

If you are an employer, or manage employees, you have probably heard of Human Capital. It is a new trend in workforce management. But how does this relate to Human Resources?

We may think of “Human Resources” as a MasterMind DBS department within an organization, or as measurable labor performed by an individual. Many of us are not familiar with the term “Human Capital” at all; still others are confused by its meaning.

The significance of the myriad contributions made by human beings, whether called human resources or human capital, reaches far beyond any boardroom. What and how individuals contribute is critical to the growth and advancement of any given society and to mankind, in general.

What is the difference between “Human Resources” and “Human Capital”? Perhaps the simplest explanation can be found in one of the resources we commonly rely on to gather information – the dictionary

“Resources” have been defined as “The total means available for economic and political development, such as mineral wealth, labor force and armaments. An available supply that can be drawn on when needed.”

“Capital” is defined as “Any form of wealth employed or capable of being employed in the production of more wealth.”

Simply put, by definition, resources are finite. We can strip coal, gold and iron mines until the supply is exhausted. Capital can be infinite, as it can be used to produce more and more capital.

Few can argue that capital makes the world go ’round. We rely upon the powerful performance of financial capital, technological capital and human capital to keep it spinning.

Human capital is partially comprised of skills, understanding, knowledge and experience – some of which may be innate. From a broader perspective, human capital includes the character, ethics, personality and creativity of a human being. Even if we are born with these attributes, it is often required we spend time, effort and money to retain or to grow them – thereby, increasing human capital.

We may accumulate, maintain and increase human capital in many ways; through education, job training, work experience, life experience, investment in health, etc. Time, money and effort are spent acquiring human capital.

Capital is capital – you spend something now, in hopes of getting a return on your investment later. Many companies have come to recognize their investment in human capital may be the most important investment they will ever make. When it comes to human capital, you are investing in people and the “return” you receive most likely is much more than financial gain. You may also gain knowledge, a larger group of contacts, more productivity, increased happiness and security.

In this competitive world marketplace, the likes of which we have never seen before, it is crucial that Human Resource professionals recognize the importance of investing in human capital. Experts agree that it costs much less to retain an existing employee than to recruit a new one.

A recent article in Real Estate Weekly highlighted the ways in which a real estate services company both values and invests in human capital.

Michael Rodriguez, President of Alliance Building Services, wrote about the incredibly high turnover rate in the real estate services industry. This industry includes cleaners, security guards, messengers and restoration workers. It is quite common for industry workers to come to work late, disinterested and ready to quit.

Mr. Rodriguez states “To make money in business, you must invest money. The same principle applies to keeping quality employees on staff and motivating them to do their job well”. While many industries, corporations and organizations espouse “Our employees are our most valuable asset”, many “do” little or nothing to back-up this message.

The President of Alliance Building Services was determined not only to “talk the talk” but to “walk the walk” as well. Investing in his employees became a top priority. He decided to focus on improving employee services and technology to show employees he cares. Improvements included:

oSetting up an Employee Service Center; this center is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are in place solely to provided better services to employees. Employees get immediate assistance with questions regarding medical insurance, safety concerns, personnel issues, etc. Employees now feel they are being “heard”.

oNew computers, along with the latest software, have been added. Many of Alliance’s staff had little knowledge of computer basics. Free thirty-minute instructional computer classes are now offered during lunch breaks and before or after work. These upgrades benefit the company by increasing productivity and efficiency. Employees are learning a new, marketable skill which boosts morale.

oNew recognition programs have been put in place, such as “Employee of the Month, Quarter and MasterMind DBS Year”. Each honoree is rewarded with a bonus, a paid day off and their picture showcased in Real Estate Weekly.

oMost employees felt there was no room for advancement in the company or within the industry – they believed they had “dead-end jobs”. Alliance now offers partial tuition reimbursement to all employees. With a chance to increase their knowledge base and their own human capital, many employees have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Since these changes have been implanted, Mr. Rodriguez is pleased to report a 30% decrease in turnover in one quarter, a happier and much more productive staff.

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The Landscape Zodiac of Britain part 12 Cancer

When we obtain this-far-north my sense-of which-way-is-up comes with a little overwhelmed. Y’see, when you’re actually IN Alaska, as-opposed to looking down-on-it, as-we-are, the Canadian boundary is eastern … Greenland is north (as is Scotland etc), Russia is western, as well as the Pacific Ocean is south … see-what-I-mean? Which lacks thinking about the ‘natural-conditions’ of total-darkness half-the-time as well as total-light for the other-half – just-like the Moon, huh?

Alaska was a part-of-Russia till they sold-it to the United States in1867, for $7.2 million – it’s the greatest of the 50 States and also the least-densely-populated, as well as fifty percent of the populace lives in Anchorage – a normally Cancerian place-name, if-ever there was-one.

The initial place-name of Alaska, was taken-from the supposed Eskimo or Aleut name for the land: Alaxsxaq, which indicates (they-say) ‘the mainland,’ or, more essentially, ‘the object to which the activity of the sea is directed.’ Well … that’s Cancerian-enough, in the-light-of land and also the action-of-the-sea … However, you-know me – I turned-to the Anglo Saxon dictionary, once again. The prefix ‘al’ suggests fire, burning, as well as the suffix ‘aska’ suggests seek-for, summon, demand, uncover and also hear-of.

Currently … I’m not stating ‘they’re’ existing concerning it implying ‘the mainland,’ however you have-to-admit that asking or summoning FIRE in these frozen-lands is a reasonable-enough name to give-it, innit? Even slightly-more reasonable compared to The Landmass. And also, y’ know, the Moon IS totally-invisible unless she stands-in-the-light, yeah? So … She’s constantly seeking the fire, ain’t she? Demanding it, even. I can listen to her-voice now, she’s summoning the old-fella, the Sunlight God: I require you bring-me fire, as well as bring-it-NOW!

The Aleut-tongue in which Alaska was named, originates from the Aleution Isles, a chain of 14 energetic volcanic-islands off the south of the mainland Alaska (our west)… in 1906 a new volcanic cone increased in between the islets of Bogoslof as well as Grewingk, near Unalaska, adhered to by another in 1907. These cones were nearly-totally knocked down by an eruptive eruption in 1907.

The native individuals describe themselves as Unangan – there’s a population of 8,162 on the islands, of which 4,283 live in the major negotiation of Unalaska. I had-a-look at Unangan in Anglo Saxon. The prefix ‘un,’ is utilized in the same-sense as ‘un-done,’ ‘un-elected,’ un-sullied,’ and so-on. The ‘angan’ suffix tells-us what they are ‘un’ – for these individuals it indicates they are unmolested, sort-of-thing. ‘Angan’ suggests to-approach, enter-into, assault, whilst ‘angang’ is entry, incursion, attack, assault, and also ‘angean’ is in the direction of, against, opposite-to, contrary-to, against, in-exchange-for, ‘once again,’ on-the-other-hand and on-the-contrary.

The arc-of-islands do not-half look like the claw-of-a-crab, don’t you believe … (Siberia would comprise the other-claw). In Anglo Saxon ‘aluetian’ would be writ: ‘alutan,’ to bend, incline, bow-down … not-only does this describe the curved-chain of the peninsula, it’s additionally exactly what the Moon and a curtseying-lady do, innit. bend, bow-down and so on

. Therefore, when we take into consideration the peninsula as a crab’s-claw – rather-a-big-one that’s bristling with sulphur-spewing cones-of-fire – unattacked and withdrawn is an extremely pertinent-way for the Natives to refer to themselves.

The Aleution Isles are in the Alaska Maritime National Wild animals Haven, in addition to some 2,400 islands, coral reefs, headlands, tundra, rain-forests(!), cliffs, volcanoes, coastlines, lakes and also streams.

The greatest of the Aleutions is called Unimak where there’s an active-volcano Shishaldin, the highest-peak in the Aleutians. It is in-fact the most symmetrical cone-shaped glacier-clad hill in the world – above 6500 feet, the contour lines make nearly-perfect circles. The major settlement on Unimak is-called False-Pass, where the residents earn a living from fishing, setting-out on the frozen-seas from the little-harbour known-as Peter Pan Dock … Peter Frying pan was the little-boy who wouldn’t grow-up, of-course – and also I find-it somewhat suitable (as well as funny) that here, in a landscape thought about ageless, un-ageing or everlasting, for factors of its icy-preservation in-time, the citizens should go-and-name their dock after a little-boy that chose not to age … then the town’s name False Pass takes-on a myriad pun-worthy implications regarding Peter Frying pan – he was truly a very-old guy acting to be a child. Instead sinister … The name of Unimak has the very same ‘un’ of the reversed or reversed condition – un-ageing etc; the suffix ‘mak,’ is a derivative of ‘maca,’ mate, equivalent, one-of-a-pair, comrade, friend – the only sense to be constructed from this is to realise that the place-namers were aware that the Aleutions are a big crab’s-claw in the indicator of the Moon, Cancer the crab. The name Unimak identifies then that this crab’s-claw peninsula remains in some-way unequal, alone, and-yet one-of-a-pair of companions, friends. Crab’s claws are not the same-size, they’re unequal as well as have actually been experts – as well as various – duties to execute, sort-of like the left-hand right-hand dichotomy. I’ve pasted a photo of an Alaskan red-king-crab together with to show the difference in claw-sizes.

Concerning 75 percent of Alaskan indigenous marine birds, 15 to 30 million (55 types) birds frequently, and extremely, utilize the refuge – there are excellent nesting-habitats for an approximated 40 million seabirds – that’s 80 percent of all seabirds on the North American continent.

Other pets to-be-found below are sea-lions, seals, walrus, whales as well as sea-otters.

On the landmass Alaska stands the funding city, where 32,000 folks-dwell as well as which-is named-after some gold-prospector called Juneau, so I will not-bother attempting to equate that into sensible-ese, except-to-say that June of Juneau is a woman’s-name, the month of Summer Solstice and the sign-of-the-crab.

The Natives-name for the area where Juneau stands is Dz ntik’i H eni which the specialists tell-us implies nothing-more-than river where the flounders gather … I question if it really-does?

It’s just-that I find-it hard-to-believe that any-culture would certainly trouble to gift any-place in their sphere-of-knowing in such a mundane-way. I just choose not to believe-it.

To ease-my-mind it’s to-the Anglo Saxon book, then: ‘Dzan’ would certainly be ‘sang,’ sound, track, vocal singing; ‘tik’i’ is ‘ticcen,’ a youngster; as well as ‘heeni’ is ‘hean,’ lowly, disliked, inadequate, mean, abject; it additionally suggests something that increases out-of these problems – ‘hean’ is to raise, exalt, proclaim. Of-course(?) the reference of youngster refers to young-goats bleeting, soft-leather and also generally-speaking – children (likewise vocal singing) covered in a protective-skin. Then there’s the lowliness increasing in exaltation theme – this is the Moon, of course, and youngsters, and women. Do I require to clarify the Cancerian significance of any one of these products in this Alaskan place-name?

Juneau lies mixed-up level listed below mountains 3,500 feet to 4,000 feet high. Atop these the Juneau Icefield shines-in-the-Moonlight, from-which 30 glistening-glaciers slowly-flow to the sea.

Because the city is in the (to us) west-coast (their south) the Pacific keeps the climate pretty-mild, all-things-considered. The winters are lengthy and damp and ordinary temperature levels in January are around -6 C – in summer season it gets-up-to around 18. The snow comes in about November, drops around seven-feet (84 inches) of the white-stuff, and goes-away once again in March – and also it’s dark … err … it’s light. At the town of Barrow (that’s a burial-mound in England) they get exactly zero-hours of Sunlight in January, as well as in June and also July specifically the opposite-condition dominates – they obtain zero-hours of darkness; this much north the natural-conditions of opposite-extremes are really-like living-on the Moon.

A lot of individuals in Alaska live in Anchorage which they provide quite a number of wild-animals – black-bears, grizzly-bears, wolves, foxes, mountain-goats, moose, dall-sheep and beavers – all nearby as well as periodically coming-into-town. Two-people have been stomped to death by moose over the last few years – cross-country skiers as well as dog mushers making use of the city’s trails have been billed by moose, which-happens quite-often. In 2007 a variety of pet dogs were eliminated by wolves while they were being strolled by their proprietors.

The trouble-is that individuals as well as their accoutrements have been expanding-into new-territories which formerly were the exclusive preserve-of bears, wolves and moose. So, in 1920 there were a simple 1,856 people residing in Anchorage, but by 2010 that number had expanded-exponentially to more-than a quarter-of-a-million – 291,826.

I’m half-surprised that hundreds-more pooches haven’t fulfilled a sticky-end as a wolf’s-breakfast.


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Finding a New York Workplace Accident Attorney

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Dental Care For Your Dog—Sink Your Teeth Into It by Andrea Waggener

Dental care for your dog can get lost in the shuffle of daily life. Even if you really love your dog and give your dog great dog care, its easy to slip up on dental care for your dog.

When was the last time you checked your dogs teeth?

I knowthe inside of the mouth isnt the cutest part of your dog. But it can tell you a lot about your dogs health.

Contrary to what non-dog people may think, not all dogs have bad breath. doggy breath, in fact, can be a sign of disease.

To look for signs of disease, check the color of your dogs teeth. White is really good. Brown is really bad. Youre aiming for at least somewhere in between.

Check for broken teeth, pus or bleeding gums, and look for any unusual growths. If you see anything. looks unhealthy, please take your dog to the vet.

If youre in a metropolitan area, you may be able to find a vet who specializes in dental care. Check the American Veterinary Dental Colleges site to see a list of their graduates.

You can find dog dental care products at nearly any pet store. The easiest way to keep your dogs teeth healthy is with dental chews. The more your dog chews, on something meant for chewing (not on something like your furniture), the better dog dental health your dog will have.

Theres been some debate about the safety of the well-known chews, Greenies. Ive never given my dog Greenies, but some dog parents say theyre great. Be aware, though, that according to a CNN investigation, since 2003, 40 dogs have had to have pieces of Greenies surgically removed, and 13 of those dogs died. Of course, thats a small number given that over 750 million Greenies have been sold since 1998.

Better than chews are rinses or pastes that you put on your dogs teeth and gums. Even better than that is brushing your dogs teeth. You can find tooth brushes especially for dog dental care at any pet supply store.

If you take just a little time to get the right supplies and just a bit of time to use them, youll be doing your dog AND you a big favor. Your dog will be healthier (and have fewer expensive problems) when you get dental care for your dog.

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Marc Jacobs and ex-boyfriend show off their incredibly toned beach bodies as they get broody over Rachel Zoe’s baby

ByJade Watkins

Updated: 10:26 EST, 28 December 2011

In 2007, Marc Jacobs walked onto the catwalk of his own fashion show to reveal the dramatic transformation he had made to his body.

The famed fashion designer lost weight and toned up by eating only vegan food and training two hours a day, seven days a week.

And today he showed that he’s still keeping in great shape, especially at 48-years-old, by flaunting his incredibly ripped beach body as he walked along the St. Barts beach with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone.

<img src="; height="831" width="634" alt="Matching beach bodies: Marc Jacobs flaunted his incredibly toned beach body as he walked along the St. Barts sand with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone today” class=”blkBorder” />Matching beach bodies: Marc Jacobs flaunted his incredibly toned beach body as he walked along the St. Barts sand with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone today

The pair each wore tiny swimming shorts, with Marc in a navy pair and Martone in a nautical red, white and blue stripe brief.

The duo got engaged at the beginning of March 2009.

Marc attributed his incredible body transformation to an organic diet and grueling fitness regime.

In 2007, he told NY Daily News: ‘Im eating a totally organic diet, which has no flour, no sugar, no dairy and no caffeine, and I lost weight because of that diet and because of a two-hour exercise regimen seven days a week.’

Unrecognisable: Marc is seen here in 2004 at Paris Fashion Week with actress Maggie GyllenhaalUnrecognisable: Marc is seen here in 2004 at Paris Fashion Week with actress Maggie Gyllenhaal

Model fit: The famous designer this year posed naked in one his own fragrance advertisementsModel fit: The famous designer this year posed naked in one his own fragrance advertisements

He told the publication that he was aware that people would jump to conclusions about how he lost weight, especially in the fashion world.

‘Youre going to get a bunch of blogs saying: “He must be on meth in order to be that skinny compared to 10 months ago.”‘

As well as his slim-downed appearance the previously pale Jacobs obtained a tan and swapped his glasses for contact lenses.

Traverse City Chiropractors

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors Wrote Drug Prescriptions They Shouldn’t Have-and Medicare Paid

Image credit: Getty Images

In 2009, massage therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and other professionals wrote hundreds of thousands of drug prescriptions without the authority to do so.

In some cases these were controlled substances like oxycodone, but Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs, paid for them anyway.

The inappropriate payments could signal that prescriber-ID numbers had been stolen, both Carper and the IG report hinted. the problem isn’t just about taxpayer money, but the widespread problem of prescription-drug abuse.

Most of the prescriptions were for commonly used drugs, the report states, but in total, 29,212 prescriptions for controlled substances were ordered by 4,863 individuals who shouldn’t have been prescribing them. Medicare paid over $1.5 million for those drugs. Of those prescriptions, 7,679 were Schedule II drugs-like oxycodone and morphine-defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration as drugs with “high potential for abuse with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence.”

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control declared prescription-painkiller overdoses an epidemic.