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This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions and my stories are my own.

I’ve always felt strongly that everyone deserves to have a safe and comfortable home they love. For years our family coordinated a monthly service day so our church community could help others make improvements to their homes. We helped build new homes, completed small household projects, helped families prepare their homes for a move in or out, and also participated in neighborhood cleanups so communities would feel cared for.


Our service was primarily focused on military families as the need for support and help through difficult transitions and long seasons of deployments was so great. It has always been an honor to help improve their homes as a small act of gratitude for how much these families have sacrificed for our own safety and security at home.

I love The Home Depot Foundation’s annual Celebration of Service campaign which rallies Team Depot, The Home Depot’s associate volunteers, from September 1 through Veterans Day to improve the homes and lives of veterans nationwide. Team Depot volunteers are out in communities and partnering with nonprofits year-round, but during this two-month campaign they give back in every The Home Depot community to serve veterans.

Service Selfie - The Inspired Room

My wood maps of the usa family joins Team Depot in honoring veterans with our #ServiceSelfie. For each #ServiceSelfie nautical wood maps shared on Twitter and Instagram through Nov. 11, 2016, The Home Depot Foundation will donate $1, up to $500,000 in total, to five nonprofits who serve veterans: Meals on Wheels America, Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Team Rubicon, Student Veterans of America and Volunteers of America.

You can help out, too, by snapping a selfie (just yourself or with a group) while giving back to your community! Post your photo on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ServiceSelfie, then like, comment and repost the service selfies of others participating to help spread the word and increase the donations. You can learn more about the campaign at thd.co/givingback

I would love to see your #ServiceSelfie, so tag me @theinspiredroom, too!

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Steve Martin plucks another role with banjo album | Reuters

NEW YORK Made famous by his absurdist stand-up comedy and zany Hollywood films, Steve Martin has also exercised his creativity on a more serious plane, writing plays, novellas, articles and a memoir.

Now add to that some no-nonsense original plucking for his new bluegrass album, “The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo.”

The Texas-born, California-raised Martin, whose off-kilter comedy made him an international success in 1980s films like “The Jerk” and “All Of Me,” last week released his first all-music album.

The launch came just before his latest movie, “Pink Panther 2,” hits U.S. cinemas on Friday and marks its European release next week with a release at the Berlin film festival.

Martin recently told reporters it was now or never for the banjo CD, which features performers including Dolly Parton.

“I thought if http://www.alternion.com/users/agency/ I don’t do it now, my fingers might slow down. https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zBWupH5rPm78.k-paKmQ1NcdU

or I might forget the songs,” said Martin, 63, after recalling his struggle to become a musical performer in a Manhattan club in his early twenties.

“We opened and nobody, not one person, came. And I went to the owner and said ‘You know what? You don’t have to pay me. You don’t have to hire me, I’ll just go’, but he said ‘No no, let’s give it another night.’ The next night no one came, and then he said, ‘OK.’ So I left,” Martin said to laughter.

Martin, who once worked as a magician at Disneyland, produced two hit comedy albums, including 1978’s “A Wild and Crazy Guy.”

This however, is his first all-music album, and features 15 original compositions. Martin began playing when he https://www.diigo.com/profile/comedianagency was 17.


The performer, who in real life displays a calm demeanor that contrasts with https://www.diigo.com/profile/comedianagency some of his manic film roles, plans to keep acting and making big-budget films that cater to a wide audience, such as the “Panther” sequel. It co-stars John Cleese, Andy Garcia, Jeremy Irons and French actor Jean Reno.

“There is something about going to work early in the morning and working hard and having to stay concentrated that keeps your mind alive,” he said. “And of course there is make-up.”

In “Pink Panther 2” he returns in the role of bumbling French police inspector Jacques Clouseau, once filled by British actor Peter Sellers.

Martin told reporters the humor in the film should not be confused with slapstick, which he called “Sooooo, the wrong word,” because much of the comedy comes from confused language and awkward situations. He did allow it is a “physical comedy” with pratfalls, and added he had to be in fine physical shape.

“In any other profession when you make it, you end up in a suit sitting behind a desk. When you make it in show business you end up in a clown suit riding on an elephant,” he said.

Self-deprecation aside, Martin said he is keenly aware of his fame and its https://1drv.ms/o/s!AnG6U1J2D-yzaylcmXc7c8XOA2w drawbacks and advantages.

For example, his album has received wider media attention than usually lavished on bluegrass music.

“It might sound like I want celebrity when I want it and don’t want it when I don’t want it, and that is absolutely true,” he said before adding, “That should have been funny.”

(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte and Eric Walsh)

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Curious about Chiropractics? 6 Reasons to Investigate It

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), chiropractic care is safe, natural and affordable. The chiropractic profession is one of the most well-recognized forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Chiropractic medicine treats neuro-musculoskeletal disorders through spinal manipulation and other therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques. Below introduces six reasons why chiropractics are well worth the investigation.

Professional Healthcare Education

Chiropractic providers are health care professionals that typically complete a four year pre-med school program before obtaining an additional four to five year doctor of chiropractic care degree. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are trained in a variety of subjects, such as neurology, orthopedics, physiology, human anatomy, exercise and clinical diagnostics. Overall, a chiropractic doctor will have at least 4,200 hours of lab, classroom and clinical experience. In fact, the largest focus of chiropractic academic programs is hands-on clinical training that includes a minimum one year clinical rotation.


All chiropractic doctors must maintain licensure through the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). This Dept. of Education approved accrediting agency is the premier national authority on chiropractic education. According to the CCE, there are only about 15 CCE Accredited Programs and Institutions within the U.S. which offer Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree programs. The CCE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). While every state has its own specific licensing and continuing education requirements, all chiropractic doctors are held to a high licensure standard. The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards offers additional licensing details for every state.


According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic care is a holistic, patient-centered approach that is non-invasive and independent of prescription drugs. In fact, current healthcare professionals over-rely on prescription drugs and invasive surgery as their primary care methods. This in turn results in health complications, drug dependency and reduced quality of life. On the other hand, chiropractic care can prevent, diagnose and manage back pain and spinal problems without these harmful methods.


Chiropractic care from a Heber chiropractor isn’t limited to treating lower back pain and problems. In fact, its primary function is to treat http://ofashortcourse.org/learn-chiropractors-traverse-city-quickly/ disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. However, it can successfully treat a variety of other conditions. For example, research has shown that chiropractic care can treat headaches and neck pain.

https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zloCynKNpZOw.kXgMLgL9GgLYIn addition to this, it can also help treat sciatica, scoliosis and other spinal problems. Other patients have found chiropractic care helps asthma, joint pain and even ear infections.

One study published in the American Journal of Public Health, by Hertzman-Miller in 2002, showed that Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) enjoy higher patient satisfaction ratings. This is because there is better interaction, communication and patient care. Chiropractic care uses a holistic, person-centered approach as opposed to traditional doctors making patients’ healthcare decisions for them. In fact, one study found that patients with neck pain were more satisfied with their chiropractic care compared to patients only receiving medication from doctors.

In summary, chiropractic care is an effective and affordable healthcare solution. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are highly educated healthcare professionals that must meet stringent state licensing regulations. Chiropractic care is safe, versatile and non-invasive. In addition to this, chiropractic patients are typically more satisfied with their treatment results.

Author’s Bio: 

Anica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.

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Web development

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, may include web engineering, web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. Among web professionals, “web development” usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. Most recently Web development has come to mean the creation of content http://www.getfave.com/23342056-seotraversecity management systems or CMS. These CMS can be made from scratch, proprietary or open source. In broad terms the CMS acts as middleware between the database and the user through the browser. A principle benefit of a CMS is that it allows non-technical people to make changes to their web site without having technical knowledge.[1]

For larger organizations and businesses, web development teams can consist of hundreds of people (web developers) and follow standard methods like Agile methodologies while developing websites. Smaller organizations may only require a single permanent or contracting developer, or secondary assignment to related job positions such as a graphic designer and/or information systems technician. Web development may be a collaborative effort between departments rather than the domain of a designated department.


1 Web development as an industry

2 Practical web development

2.1 Basic

2.2 Testing

3 Security considerations

4 See also

5 References

Web development as an industry

Since the commercialization of the web, web development has been a growing industry. The growth of this industry is being driven by businesses wishing to use their website to sell products and services to customers.[2]

There is open source software for web development like BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack and Perl/Plack. This has kept the cost of learning web development to a minimum. Another contributing factor to the growth of the industry has been the rise of easy-to-use WYSIWYG web-development software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon and Microsoft Visual Studio. Knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or of programming languages is still required to use such software, but the basics can be learned and implemented quickly with. When searching for High Quality, search engine mobile and friendly friendly web sites you have to take a look at employing the leading Website design Company in Traverse city.

the help of help files, technical books, internet tutorials, or face-to-face training.

An ever growing set of tools and technologies have http://www.2findlocal.com/b/11276826/seotraversecity-traverse-city-mi helped developers build more dynamic and interactive websites. Further, web developers now help to deliver applications as web services which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk-based computer. This has allowed for many opportunities to decentralize information and media distribution. Examples can be seen with the rise of cloud services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox and Google Docs. These web services allow users to interact with applications from many locations, instead of being tied to a specific workstation for their application environment.

Examples of dramatic transformation in communication and commerce led by web development include e-commerce. Online auction-sites such as eBay have changed the way consumers find and purchase goods and services. Online retailers such as Amazon.com and Buy.com (among many others) have transformed the shopping and bargain-hunting experience for many consumers. Another good example of transformative communication led by web development is the blog. Web applications such as WordPress and Movable Type have created easily implemented blog-environments for individual web sites. The popularity of open-source content management systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, XOOPS, and TYPO3 and enterprise content management systems such as Alfresco and eXo Platform have extended web development’s impact at online interaction and communication.

Web development has also impacted personal networking and marketing. Websites are no longer simply tools for work or for commerce, but serve more broadly for communication and social networking. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide users with a platform to communicate and organizations with a more personal and interactive way to engage the public.

Practical web development


In practice, many web developers will have basic interdisciplinary skills / roles, including:

Graphic design / web design

Information architecture and copywriting/copyediting with web usability, accessibility and search engine optimization in mind

Mobile responsiveness

The above list is a simple website development hierarchy and can be extended to include all client side and server side aspects. It is still important to remember that web development is generally split up into client side coding, covering aspects such as the layout and design, and server http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/-l2576177398 side coding, which covers the website’s functionality and back-end systems.


Main article: Software Testing

Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. Testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements The extent of testing varies greatly between organizations, developers, and individual sites or applications.

Security considerations

Web development takes into account many security considerations, such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption. Malicious practices such as SQL injection can be executed by users with ill intent yet with only primitive knowledge of web development as a whole. Scripts can be used to exploit websites by granting unauthorized access to malicious users that try to collect information such as email addresses, passwords and protected content like credit card numbers.

Some of this is dependent on the server environment on which the scripting language, such as ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby is running, and therefore is not necessarily down to the web developer themselves to maintain. However, stringent testing of web applications before public release is encouraged to prevent such exploits from occurring. If some contact form is provided in a website it should include a captcha field in it which prevents computer programs from automatically filling forms and also mail spamming.

Keeping a web server safe from intrusion is often called Server Port Hardening.


https://secure.assets.tumblr.com/post.jsMany technologies come into play to keep information on the internet safe when it is transmitted from one location to another. For instance TLS certificates (or “SSL certificates”) are issued by certificate authorities to help prevent internet fraud. Many developers often employ different forms of encryption when transmitting and storing sensitive information. A basic understanding of information technology security concerns is often part of a web developer’s knowledge.

Because new security holes are found in web applications even after testing and launch, security patch updates are frequent for widely used applications. It is often the job of web developers to keep applications up to date as security patches are released and new security concerns are discovered.

See also

Web design

Web development tools

Web application development

Web developers


^ Content management system

^ Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. “Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects”. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition. Retrieved 2013-01-17.

Authority control

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Retrieved from “https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Web_development&oldid=739383175”

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How to get rid of heel pain

The most common cause of chronic heel pain is called Plantar Fasciitis (PF).  This is also the most common condition that presents to my office.

The plantar fascia is a very large ligament that attaches to the heel bone and runs all the way up to the ball of the foot. This ligament is the primary supporter of the foot’s natural arch. It acts like a rubber band that prevents the foot from over-flattening when your body weight is applied during standing, walking, and running. PF is inflammation of the plantar fascia due to small tears within the fascia.

People that are susceptible to PF include: 1) people with recent and/or rapid weight gain and/or people with a high body mass index; 2) people who run and walk for exercise; 3) people with occupations that require a lot of standing and/or walking; and 4) people who wear unsupportive or worn shoes. If your foot has too much weight/impact applied to it from any of the four reasons mentioned above, small tears will occur.

Most cases of PF can be treated without the need for surgery. When patients initially present to my office with PF, the visit usually focuses on activity modification, shoe wear, and stretching advice. In addition, a medical grade arch support is usually dispensed. If this initial treatment fails, then we may consider a cortico-steroid injection, a night splint, and/or physical therapy. Custom orthotics are also an option. Surgery is a last resort. In my experience, surgery is only needed in about 1 of 50 cases.

Good shoes are a very important part of curing PF. A good shoe is one that combines cushioning and support. Running sneakers are generally the shoes that do this best. A supportive shoe is one that bends only in the toe box. The shoe should also resist an effort to twist from end to end. A cushioned shoe is one that employs some type of shock-absorbing midsole. For more information on shoes, see my previous philly.com article titled “What is the right athletic shoe for you?” Someone with PF should ideally wear a good running shoe for all periods of standing and walking until pain has subsided. There are supportive dress shoes but they are much harder to find. Higher end dress shoes have started making their shoes with a removable insole that comes with the shoe. This allows one to remove the stock insoles (which usually are not very supportive) and replace it with a medical grade arch support if needed. At a minimum, you should make sure that your dress shoes have readily removable insoles rather than glued insoles. Supportive dress shoes for women can be even harder to find because, more often than not, form trumps function in women’s shoe wear.

Barefoot walking should be avoided. When at home, if you don’t like to wear shoes when in the house I usually suggest my patients get a supportive pair of sandals. Brands that I have endorsed are Birkenstock, Abeo, Spenco, Vionic/Orthaheel, Sole, and Fitflops. A simple pair of slippers, flip flops or crocs will not be supportive enough and they are likely to make the situation worse. An effort should be made to stand and walk less while the heel is still painful.

Arch supports are just as important to treat PF as good shoe wear. The goal of a good arch support should be to reduce the amount that the foot would flatten in its absence. The insert should feel like it slightly props up the arch when standing with a pair installed in your shoes. Therefore, it will reduce the tension on the plantar fascia. If the tension placed on the damaged/torn portion of the plantar fascia is reduced when weight bearing, it is much more likely to mend. There are many pre-made arch supports on the market that can be purchased at running shoe stores for 15-50 dollars.  The insert should be semi rigid. This means that when you put the insert on the table and press on it with your thumb, it will flex and partially flatten with a moderate amount of pressure. Heavier people need a more rigid insert. Remember that the insert must reduce the amount that the arch would flatten with your body weight of 100+ lbs being placed on it. Most of the products I have seen being sold in pharmacies are NOT supportive enough.

Stretching exercises should be performed at least 3 times a day: once in the morning BEFORE getting out of bed; once in the evening prior to bedtime, and one other time during the day. Most of the pictures and handouts I have seen on stretching for heel pain depict simple calf stretches. However, a calf stretch does not sufficiently isolate the plantar fascia. “

In order to fully isolate the plantar fascia, the foot must be pulled up at the ankle AND the toes must be pulled up at the ball of the foot. You should feel the stretch in the arch of the foot as well as the back of the calf. This can be done by stretching your foot against the wall or by stretching your foot with your hands. The painful area can also be massaged with the opposite hand while performing the stretch. The stretch should be held for 10 seconds and relaxed.  This should be repeated 5-10 times for each stretching routine.

People with PF should make an effort to reduce the amount of standing, walking, and impact/ weight bearing exercise that they participate in until resolution of pain. Even with good shoes and inserts, there is still some tension being placed on the plantar fascia during any weight bearing. Certain types of exercise are usually okay for PF patients to participate in. Bicycling/spinning is the probably the most practical. Because you are seated and there is no impact, this exercise can be done as much as desired. Exercise will increase your basal metabolic rate and reduce the time it will take for the plantar fascia to mend as long as the damaged tissue is not disrupted during the exercise. Other exercises that are usually acceptable are swimming, yoga, and pilates. Elliptical machine can also be done sometimes. The elliptical machine is a non-impact form of exercise, however, because you are standing during the exercise you are still weight bearing on the foot and possibly disrupting the healing plantar fascia. For PF patients trying to get back into a running routine, elliptical machine exercise is a good way to transition back to the running when your PF is resolved.

If all of the above treatment is followed and pain is still present, I would schedule an appointment to see a foot doctor. There are other much more rare conditions that can cause heel pain. An x-ray can rule out most of those conditions. Cortico-steroid injections are available to take away the inflammation and pain, but it does not mend the damaged/torn portion of the plantar fascia in any way and in some cases it can delay the healing process. For this reason, I usually prefer to make sure that all conservative treatments are performed prior to an injection. Even though I don’t believe in the science behind using cortico-steroid injections for PF, I end up giving one or more injections to about 50% of the patients that present to my office with the condition. In my experience, the injections seem to help alleviate the pain, but I always insist the patient has good shoes and supportive inserts prior to getting an injection in order to promote full healing of the condition. A night splint is another treatment that is available.  A night splint is a device that is worn on the foot while sleeping that holds the foot and ankle in a position that resembles weight bearing. This helps the ligament heal in that position and helps with the pain when getting out of bed in the morning.

While PF can be a very tricky condition to treat, following the steps discussed in this article and the advice of your doctor can get you up and running again, pain-free.

Dr. Crispell is a foot and ankle specialist at Riddle Hospital in Media, PA. He is a guest contributor to Sports Doc. 

Read more Sports Doc for Sports Medicine and Fitness.

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| Updated: March 9, 2016 — 4:45 AM EST

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How Human Capital and Human Resources are different.

If you are an employer, or manage employees, you have probably heard of Human Capital. It is a new trend in workforce management. But how does this relate to Human Resources?

We may think of “Human Resources” as a MasterMind DBS department within an organization, or as measurable labor performed by an individual. Many of us are not familiar with the term “Human Capital” at all; still others are confused by its meaning.

The significance of the myriad contributions made by human beings, whether called human resources or human capital, reaches far beyond any boardroom. What and how individuals contribute is critical to the growth and advancement of any given society and to mankind, in general.

What is the difference between “Human Resources” and “Human Capital”? Perhaps the simplest explanation can be found in one of the resources we commonly rely on to gather information – the dictionary

“Resources” have been defined as “The total means available for economic and political development, such as mineral wealth, labor force and armaments. An available supply that can be drawn on when needed.”

“Capital” is defined as “Any form of wealth employed or capable of being employed in the production of more wealth.”

Simply put, by definition, resources are finite. We can strip coal, gold and iron mines until the supply is exhausted. Capital can be infinite, as it can be used to produce more and more capital.

Few can argue that capital makes the world go ’round. We rely upon the powerful performance of financial capital, technological capital and human capital to keep it spinning.

Human capital is partially comprised of skills, understanding, knowledge and experience – some of which may be innate. From a broader perspective, human capital includes the character, ethics, personality and creativity of a human being. Even if we are born with these attributes, it is often required we spend time, effort and money to retain or to grow them – thereby, increasing human capital.

We may accumulate, maintain and increase human capital in many ways; through education, job training, work experience, life experience, investment in health, etc. Time, money and effort are spent acquiring human capital.

Capital is capital – you spend something now, in hopes of getting a return on your investment later. Many companies have come to recognize their investment in human capital may be the most important investment they will ever make. When it comes to human capital, you are investing in people and the “return” you receive most likely is much more than financial gain. You may also gain knowledge, a larger group of contacts, more productivity, increased happiness and security.

In this competitive world marketplace, the likes of which we have never seen before, it is crucial that Human Resource professionals recognize the importance of investing in human capital. Experts agree that it costs much less to retain an existing employee than to recruit a new one.

A recent article in Real Estate Weekly highlighted the ways in which a real estate services company both values and invests in human capital.

Michael Rodriguez, President of Alliance Building Services, wrote about the incredibly high turnover rate in the real estate services industry. This industry includes cleaners, security guards, messengers and restoration workers. It is quite common for industry workers to come to work late, disinterested and ready to quit.

Mr. Rodriguez states “To make money in business, you must invest money. The same principle applies to keeping quality employees on staff and motivating them to do their job well”. While many industries, corporations and organizations espouse “Our employees are our most valuable asset”, many “do” little or nothing to back-up this message.

The President of Alliance Building Services was determined not only to “talk the talk” but to “walk the walk” as well. Investing in his employees became a top priority. He decided to focus on improving employee services and technology to show employees he cares. Improvements included:

oSetting up an Employee Service Center; this center is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are in place solely to provided better services to employees. Employees get immediate assistance with questions regarding medical insurance, safety concerns, personnel issues, etc. Employees now feel they are being “heard”.

oNew computers, along with the latest software, have been added. Many of Alliance’s staff had little knowledge of computer basics. Free thirty-minute instructional computer classes are now offered during lunch breaks and before or after work. These upgrades benefit the company by increasing productivity and efficiency. Employees are learning a new, marketable skill which boosts morale.

oNew recognition programs have been put in place, such as “Employee of the Month, Quarter and MasterMind DBS Year”. Each honoree is rewarded with a bonus, a paid day off and their picture showcased in Real Estate Weekly.

oMost employees felt there was no room for advancement in the company or within the industry – they believed they had “dead-end jobs”. Alliance now offers partial tuition reimbursement to all employees. With a chance to increase their knowledge base and their own human capital, many employees have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Since these changes have been implanted, Mr. Rodriguez is pleased to report a 30% decrease in turnover in one quarter, a happier and much more productive staff.

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The Landscape Zodiac of Britain part 12 Cancer

When we obtain this-far-north my sense-of which-way-is-up comes with a little overwhelmed. Y’see, when you’re actually IN Alaska, as-opposed to looking down-on-it, as-we-are, the Canadian boundary is eastern … Greenland is north (as is Scotland etc), Russia is western, as well as the Pacific Ocean is south … see-what-I-mean? Which lacks thinking about the ‘natural-conditions’ of total-darkness half-the-time as well as total-light for the other-half – just-like the Moon, huh?

Alaska was a part-of-Russia till they sold-it to the United States in1867, for $7.2 million – it’s the greatest of the 50 States and also the least-densely-populated, as well as fifty percent of the populace lives in Anchorage – a normally Cancerian place-name, if-ever there was-one.

The initial place-name of Alaska, was taken-from the supposed Eskimo or Aleut name for the land: Alaxsxaq, which indicates (they-say) ‘the mainland,’ or, more essentially, ‘the object to which the activity of the sea is directed.’ Well … that’s Cancerian-enough, in the-light-of land and also the action-of-the-sea … However, you-know me – I turned-to the Anglo Saxon dictionary, once again. The prefix ‘al’ suggests https://www.facebook.com/Carved-Lake-Art-425495574209040/ fire, burning, as well as the suffix ‘aska’ suggests seek-for, summon, demand, uncover and also hear-of.

Currently … I’m not stating ‘they’re’ existing concerning it implying ‘the mainland,’ however you have-to-admit that asking or summoning FIRE in these frozen-lands is a reasonable-enough name to give-it, innit? Even slightly-more reasonable compared to The Landmass. And also, y’ know, the Moon IS https://www.facebook.com/Carved-Lake-Art-425495574209040/ totally-invisible unless she stands-in-the-light, yeah? So … She’s constantly seeking the fire, ain’t she? Demanding it, even. I can listen to her-voice now, she’s summoning the old-fella, the Sunlight God: I require you bring-me fire, as well as bring-it-NOW!

The Aleut-tongue in which Alaska was named, originates from the Aleution Isles, a chain of 14 energetic volcanic-islands off the south of the mainland Alaska (our west)… in 1906 a new volcanic cone increased in between the islets of Bogoslof as well as Grewingk, near Unalaska, adhered to by another in 1907. These cones were nearly-totally knocked down by an eruptive eruption in 1907.

The native individuals describe themselves as Unangan – there’s a population of 8,162 on the islands, of which 4,283 live in the major negotiation of Unalaska. I had-a-look at Unangan in Anglo Saxon. The prefix ‘un,’ is utilized in the same-sense as ‘un-done,’ ‘un-elected,’ un-sullied,’ and so-on. The ‘angan’ suffix tells-us what they are ‘un’ – for these individuals it indicates they are unmolested, sort-of-thing. ‘Angan’ suggests to-approach, enter-into, assault, whilst ‘angang’ is entry, incursion, attack, assault, and also ‘angean’ is in the direction of, against, opposite-to, contrary-to, against, in-exchange-for, ‘once again,’ on-the-other-hand and on-the-contrary.

The arc-of-islands do not-half look like the claw-of-a-crab, don’t you believe … (Siberia would comprise the other-claw). In Anglo Saxon ‘aluetian’ would be writ: ‘alutan,’ to bend, incline, bow-down … not-only does this describe the curved-chain of the peninsula, it’s additionally exactly what the Moon and a curtseying-lady do, innit. bend, bow-down and so on

. Therefore, when we take into consideration the peninsula as a crab’s-claw – rather-a-big-one that’s bristling with sulphur-spewing cones-of-fire – unattacked and withdrawn is an extremely pertinent-way for the Natives to refer to themselves.

The Aleution Isles are in the Alaska Maritime National Wild animals Haven, in addition to some 2,400 islands, coral reefs, headlands, tundra, rain-forests(!), cliffs, volcanoes, coastlines, lakes and also streams.

The greatest of the Aleutions is called Unimak where there’s an active-volcano Shishaldin, the highest-peak in the Aleutians. It is in-fact the most symmetrical cone-shaped glacier-clad hill in the world – above 6500 feet, the contour lines make nearly-perfect circles. The major settlement on Unimak is-called False-Pass, where the residents earn a living from fishing, setting-out on the frozen-seas from the little-harbour known-as Peter Pan Dock … Peter Frying pan was the little-boy who wouldn’t grow-up, of-course – and also I find-it somewhat suitable (as well as funny) that here, in a landscape thought about ageless, un-ageing or everlasting, for factors of its icy-preservation in-time, the citizens should go-and-name their dock after a little-boy that chose not to age … then the town’s name False Pass takes-on a myriad pun-worthy implications regarding Peter Frying pan – he was truly a very-old guy acting to be a child. Instead sinister … The name of Unimak has the very same ‘un’ of the reversed or reversed condition – un-ageing etc; the suffix ‘mak,’ is a derivative of ‘maca,’ mate, equivalent, one-of-a-pair, comrade, friend – the only sense to be constructed from this is to realise that the place-namers were aware that the Aleutions are a big crab’s-claw in the indicator of the Moon, Cancer the crab. The name Unimak identifies then that this crab’s-claw peninsula remains in some-way unequal, alone, and-yet one-of-a-pair of companions, friends. Crab’s claws are not the same-size, they’re unequal as well as have actually been experts – as well as various – duties to execute, sort-of like the left-hand right-hand dichotomy. I’ve pasted a photo of an Alaskan red-king-crab together with to show the difference in claw-sizes.

Concerning 75 percent of Alaskan indigenous marine https://www.facebook.com/Carved-Lake-Art-425495574209040/ birds, 15 to 30 million (55 types) birds frequently, and extremely, utilize the refuge – there are excellent nesting-habitats for an approximated 40 million seabirds – that’s 80 percent of all seabirds on the North American continent.

Other pets to-be-found below are sea-lions, seals, walrus, whales as well as sea-otters.

On the landmass Alaska stands the funding city, where 32,000 folks-dwell as well as which-is named-after some gold-prospector called Juneau, so I will not-bother attempting to equate that into sensible-ese, except-to-say that June of Juneau is a woman’s-name, the month of Summer Solstice and the sign-of-the-crab.

The Natives-name for the area where Juneau stands is Dz ntik’i H eni which the specialists tell-us implies nothing-more-than river where the flounders gather … I question if it really-does?

It’s just-that I find-it hard-to-believe that any-culture would certainly trouble to gift any-place in their sphere-of-knowing in such a mundane-way. I just choose not to believe-it.

To ease-my-mind it’s to-the Anglo Saxon book, then: ‘Dzan’ would certainly be ‘sang,’ sound, track, vocal singing; ‘tik’i’ is ‘ticcen,’ a youngster; as well as ‘heeni’ is ‘hean,’ lowly, disliked, inadequate, mean, abject; it additionally suggests something that increases out-of these problems – ‘hean’ is to raise, exalt, proclaim. Of-course(?) the reference of youngster refers to young-goats bleeting, soft-leather and also generally-speaking – children (likewise vocal singing) covered in a protective-skin. Then there’s the lowliness increasing in exaltation theme – this is the Moon, of course, and youngsters, and women. Do I require to clarify the Cancerian significance of any one of these products in this Alaskan place-name?

Juneau lies mixed-up level listed below mountains 3,500 feet to 4,000 feet high. Atop these the Juneau Icefield shines-in-the-Moonlight, from-which 30 glistening-glaciers slowly-flow to the sea.

Because the city is in the (to us) west-coast (their south) the Pacific keeps the climate pretty-mild, all-things-considered. The winters are lengthy and damp and ordinary temperature levels in January are around -6 C – in summer season it gets-up-to around 18. The snow comes in about November, drops around seven-feet (84 inches) of the white-stuff, and goes-away once again in March – and also it’s dark … err … it’s light. At the town of Barrow (that’s a burial-mound in England) they get exactly zero-hours of Sunlight in January, as well as in June and also July specifically the opposite-condition dominates – they obtain zero-hours of darkness; this much north the natural-conditions of opposite-extremes are really-like living-on the Moon.

A lot of individuals in Alaska live in Anchorage which they provide quite a number of wild-animals – black-bears, grizzly-bears, wolves, foxes, mountain-goats, moose, dall-sheep and beavers – all nearby as well as periodically coming-into-town. Two-people have been stomped to death by moose over the last few years – cross-country skiers as well as dog mushers making use of the city’s trails have been billed by moose, which-happens quite-often. In 2007 a variety of pet dogs were eliminated by wolves while they were being strolled by their proprietors.

The trouble-is that individuals as well as their accoutrements have been expanding-into new-territories which formerly were the exclusive preserve-of bears, wolves and moose. So, in 1920 there were a simple 1,856 people residing in Anchorage, but by 2010 that number had expanded-exponentially to more-than a quarter-of-a-million – 291,826.

I’m half-surprised that hundreds-more pooches haven’t fulfilled a sticky-end as a wolf’s-breakfast.


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Marc Jacobs and ex-boyfriend show off their incredibly toned beach bodies as they get broody over Rachel Zoe’s baby

ByJade Watkins

Updated: 10:26 EST, 28 December 2011

In 2007, Marc Jacobs walked http://binarybizfirm.flavors.me/ onto the catwalk of his own fashion show to reveal the dramatic transformation he had made to his body.

The famed fashion designer lost weight and toned up by eating only vegan food and training two hours a day, seven days a week.

And today he showed that he’s still keeping in great http://www.airportnet.org/wifi-in-the-sky-and-how-i-recovered-my-data/ shape, especially at 48-years-old, by flaunting his incredibly ripped beach body as he walked along the St. Barts beach with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone.

<img src="http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/12/28/article-2079230-0F48CC3F00000578-637_634x831.jpg&quot; height="831" width="634" alt="Matching beach bodies: Marc Jacobs flaunted his incredibly toned beach body as he http://binarybizfirm.tumblr.com/ walked along the St. Barts sand with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone today” class=”blkBorder” />Matching beach bodies: Marc Jacobs flaunted his incredibly toned beach body as he walked along the St. Barts sand with his equally muscular ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone today

The pair each wore tiny swimming shorts, with Marc in a navy pair and Martone in a nautical red, white and blue stripe brief.

The duo got engaged at the beginning of March 2009.

Marc attributed his incredible body transformation to an organic diet and grueling fitness regime.

In 2007, he told NY Daily News: ‘Im eating a totally organic diet, which has no flour, no sugar, no dairy and no caffeine, and I lost weight because of that diet and because of a two-hour exercise regimen seven days a week.’

Unrecognisable: Marc is seen here in 2004 at Paris Fashion Week with actress Maggie GyllenhaalUnrecognisable: Marc is seen here in 2004 at Paris Fashion Week with actress Maggie Gyllenhaal

Model fit: The famous designer this year posed naked in one his own fragrance advertisementsModel fit: The famous designer this year posed naked in one his own fragrance advertisements

He told the publication that he was aware that people would jump to conclusions about how he lost weight, especially in the fashion world.

‘Youre going to get a bunch of blogs saying: “He must be on meth in order to be that skinny compared to 10 months ago.”‘

As well as his slim-downed appearance the previously pale Jacobs obtained a tan and swapped his glasses for contact lenses.